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Last updated on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


Each of the following pages — with the exception of the Statistics page — lists customer orders.

Select an individual order to view the full order details.

Select the Customer’s email address to generate a Customer Contact page containing a pre-filled ‘customer response’ email template for your use.

eShop & Stats

A quick statistics page showing how many orders are in the system.

Pending/Failed Order

Not yet processed. Orders are automatically removed from here after 4 days (yes — Paypal can take that long to send the final transaction status back to your system).


Orders where a successful transaction code has been received from your chosen merchant gateway.


You may want to manually move an order here after you ship it. eShop will not move shipped orders automatically.


Your chosen merchant gateway reported that there was a problem with a payment for an order.


When you delete an order, eShop will move it to this section. You then have the facility to delete all orders over a certain age (measured in hours). Once deleted from this section, the order is removed from the database & cannot be retrieved.


Shipping Rates

Shipping rate calculations:
  • Method 1 ( per quantity of 1, prices reduced for additional items ).
  • Method 2 ( once per shipping class no matter what quantity is ordered )
  • Method 3 ( one overall charge no matter what quantity is ordered )
  • Method 4 ( by weight & zone )

Each of these methods still allow for a ‘per zone’ price.

Shipping Zones

Choose between shipping by State/County/Province or Countries.

Show Shipping Zones on Shipping Page allows you to automatically show the correct table for the zones. Be warned that these tables are large.

Shipping Rate F is preset for ‘FREE’ delivery and cannot be amended.

Method 4 Notes

This method automatically sets all weights to zero and adds an extra weight field to the individual product entry sections. A new section is also added to the Checkout page to allow the customer to choose their preferred shipping method.

Weight is not automatically shown on product pages. The table for entering the prices features a starting weight, and prices per zone.

Shipping Modes by weight

1 mode per line (required). Enables you to specify different methods of shipping (e.g Standard & Express Delivery.

Weight units

Specify what weight unit you will be using. You don’t actually have to use weight units. Whatever system works for you should be fine providing you use it consistently.

Countries & State/County/Province

Default zones are pre-configured for both Countries and State/County/Province but can be amended if necessary.

Delete any entry that you don’t want to deliver to. At the bottom of each list, there is also a blank field to allow you to add to a new entry. Saving the amended list will generate a new blank field at the end for a second new entry etc. etc.


This page lists all the products you have entered, along with a few statistics.


Providing the downloads directory is writeable, you can upload files here. These will become available for sale within your eShop. The page lists all available downloadable products (that you have previously uploaded), along with a few statistics.

As a security measure, you are not able to delete a file that is currently available for sale within your shop.

Uploading large files

Any files that you FTP to the correct eshop_downloads directory can be added by visiting the Unknown Download Files section on the eShop Downloads page. However, downloading large files may present an issue on some servers. Possible solutions to this problem include:

  • Adding directives to the .htaccess file in your main WordPress folder
  • Adding directive your site’s php.ini file (ask your hosts for assistance locating this file)

The method you can use may be reliant on your hosting company.

Example set of directives to be added to the .htaccess file:

# BEGIN eShop
php_value upload_max_filesize 100M
php_value post_max_size 200M
php_value memory_limit 400M
php_value max_execution_time 10800
php_value max_input_time 10800
php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 10800
# END eShop

Discount Codes

Various options have been created to give a wide variety of discount codes — from single use to unlimited. This can be a set discount or for free shipping. Please note that all discounts are GLOBAL and cannot be added on a per-product basis within the core plugin.

Although you can set Discounts to 100%, it is not recommended. To use this, you will also need to set Allow zero cost orders to yes on the Settings → eShop page.


Manages your products for Google Base. The details for each product can be tweaked by following the Sku link.

Images must be uploaded via the product page or post.


Allows you to edit the following eShop email templates:

Automatic default email

Sent out automatically when a successful transaction is recorded on your system.

Admin Order Form email

Can be sent manually at any time from your Order Details screen.

Other templates

Templates are available for each of the standard merchant gateways. If you can accept payment via a number of different methods/gateways, they allow you to to send out emails that are customised on a ‘per gateway’ basis. These templates are empty by default, so make sure that you add some content to them before activating them! A list of template tags for the email content are available at the foot of the page.


Lists initial installation and configuration help, along with eShop credits.

eShop Base

Creates a data file for upload to Google Base.

Manage eShop base Feed

Download or view online your product feed for uploading to Google Base.

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