Missing Merchant Gateway Image

Last updated on Wednesday, May 30th, 2012


The image for your chosen merchant gateway is not showing in the checkout.


Some servers stop eShop from copying files to a sub-folder inside wp-content/uploads.


FTP into your site (or use whatever file management application your host provides) & check that the wp-content/uploads/eshop_files folder exists and contains the following files:

  • addtocart.png
  • authorizenet.png
  • bank.png
  • cash.png
  • epn.png
  • idealite.png
  • noimage.png
  • ogone.png
  • paypal.png
  • payson.png
  • webtopay.png
  • eshop.css
  • eshop-onload.js

If any of these files are missing, download a fresh copy of eShop, unpack the downloaded archive, extract the eshop_files folder and upload it to wp-content/uploads.

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