Compatibility with other plugins

Last updated on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013


eShop has been written for WordPress 3.0 and above. It is not compatible with earlier versions of WordPress.


Now compatible with WP Affiliate for affiliates.


Compatible with eShortcodes. (WP version 3 specific)

WPMU Membership

This plugin interferes with eShop shortcodes unless you enable them within WPMU Membership.

Conflicting Plugins

eShop may conflict with other plugin that you have installed. If you encounter any conflicting plugins, please post their details on the support forum.

Automatic faceBook Converter

Appears to interfere with eShop’s sessions and/or redirection.

Bad Behaviour

We cannot support the use of eShop with this plugin at the present time. However for those that still wish to use it, so far as we can tell, there are no conflicts. But you will have to visit the Paypal Go Live Checklist and add all of the IP addresses to Bad Behaviour’s whitelist.

Caching Plugins

Caching plugins are known to cause significant problems within eShop and we cannot support their their usage. eShop has been amended to try and work with WP Super Cache but it will not work correctly when using widgets.

Facebook Like Thumbnail

Disables eShop’s checkout and removes access to orders in the back end of a site.

jadedcoder Sticky Permalinks

Unknown issues.

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode must be deactivated when testing eShop, otherwise Paypal can not interact with the site. Please note that you no longer need any maintenance mode plugins for WordPress 3 or above as this functionality has now been added to the WordPress core.

Simple Google Connect

Reported to remove the Proceed to Checkout button in the final stage of the checkout.


Has been known to cause some problems with eShop functionality.

Theme My Login

Causes issues with eShop forms — especially the Add to Cart functionality.


This plugin has been reported to interfere with eShop’s shipping calculations — resulting in shipping costs not being applied at the merchant gateway. The plugin must not only be deactivated but most be deleted from the site entirely.

WP Member

May hide the My Order menus from logged-in customers. No known workaround at present.

Register Plus & Register Plus Redux

Reported to cause empty carts when the customer tries to use the checkout.

Yet Another Related Posts

Disable this plugin before upgrading or deactivating/reactivating eShop, as it may be the cause of some incompatibility issues.

YouTube SimpleGallery

Reported to cause empty carts when the customer tries to use the checkout.

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