Pending & Failed Orders

Last updated on Friday, August 5th, 2011

Pending Orders

Pending orders should be automatically moved to Active once a successful transaction has taken place. However there are a few circumstances where this might not happen. Likely issues include:

  • A customer cancelled the transaction.
  • Part of the transaction data was invalid.
  • The merchant gateway’s server is down.

In all cases, before you decide to move an order from pending, check the following:

  • Merchant Gateway Service Status
    Remember to check your gateway regularly for outages and planned maintenance.
    Paypal Live Site Status
  • Allow up to 4 days for a transaction
    Paypal can take up to 4 days to interact with your shop. Orders are automatically sent to Deleted orders after 4 days via eShop. However no orders are fully deleted unless you specifically request it, so the order can be retrieved at a later date.
  • Transaction notifications
    All successful (and most unsuccessful) orders generate a system email to your merchant gateway email address. This email should be kept as a permanent record of the transaction and can be used to check outstanding transactions.
  • Check your gateway account
    Are there any sales that don’t tie up with anything?

Failed Orders

Orders usually fail when there is an issue with the transaction data, so please recheck your eShop settings – especially your merchant gateway details – before posting a support question.

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