Option Sets

Last updated on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Location: eShop → Option Sets

Option sets allow you to add customer-selectable choices to your products. For example, when selling T-shirts, you can offer a choice of sizes & colours.

Any number of option sets can be created. These options can then added to products via a checkbox in the Product entry area of each Page or Post as required. There is no restriction on how many option sets can be created, how many items you can have in an option set or how many options can be added to a product.

Each option set can be a dropdown select box, or a series of checkboxes. You can also set an additional price and weight for each option within a set. The option’s price is added onto the total cost for a product within the cart.

Deleting an option set removes it from all products.

Setting up a Colour Option Set

Navigate to eShop → Option Sets.
Under Create New Option Set, enter Colour in the Name field and click Create. You’ll then be taken to a page where you can populate this option set.

Display Name

The name of the option as you want it to be displayed in your shop.

Short Admin Name

This name that will be used in the back end of the shop only – so something that makes sense to you and differentiates it from other colour options will work here. You can also use this field to order your Options Sets.


Used in your shop to provide details of this option. Displayed in the shop if you have selected Yes for Add product details section to every page in the Product Details pane of eShop → General.

Options for…

This is where you enter your individual colours. They will be displayed in the order entered. If you do not charge extra for specific colours, don’t worry about price or weight. Leave them blank (they’re available for those who levy a surcharge for product add-on options).

Once you’ve entered all of your colours, click Create. You’ll be sent back to the eShop → Option Set page with your new Colours option listed.

You can edit, add to or delete any option sets at any time by selecting their Admin Name.

Once you’ve set up the new Colour option set, navigate back to one of your one of your product pages. In the Product entry pane, you’ll now see your new option set listed under Option Sets. Just tick the one(s) you want to use with that product and Update the Post or Page.

Over time, you should build up a complete range of Option Sets that you can use with any of your products as needed.

Option Set Display Order

There are two ways in which you can control the order in which options are displayed on your product pages – via code or via the Admin name.

Via Code

Add the following function to your theme’s functions.php file:

function myeshopopt($string){
        //default value is: ORDER BY type, id ASC
	//requires ORDER BY
	// accepted values admin_name, name, type, optid, description
	return 'ORDER BY name ASC, id ASC';

Via the Admin Name

Each option set has two names – the Admin Name and the Display Name. The latter is the name shown on your product pages but the Admin Name is displayed in the WordPress Admin area only. It is also used to sort options for display on the public site.

Example: You have 2 option sets – Colour & Size.
If the Admin Names match the Display Names, they will be displayed in that order. But you would like the Size option to be listed first followed by the Colour option.

To achieve this, set the Admin names to a-Size and b-Colour respectively. The options will now be displayed on your product pages in the order Size followed by Color.

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