Creating Products

Last updated on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

eShop allows you to use Pages or Posts for your products.

To create product, start by creating a new Page or Post. Use the Standard WordPress content area to enter a detailed description of the product, then complete the required fields within the Product Entry section.

It may help if you complete the fields in the order listed below. See the Product Entry screenshot for an example product.

  1. Sku

    A unique identification reference for your product. It can be any combination of letter and numbers — eg.abc001.

  2. Product Description

    A very short description of the product. This description will be used to title the Order Form and the item in the customer’s cart. It will also appear on their invoice from Paypal.

  3. Option

    The name of the product. Again, keep it very short.

  4. Price

    The price of the product (numbers only).

  5. Sale

    If the product is part of a Sale, enter its discounted price here. Otherwise leave this blank.

  6. Sales Tax

    If you have set up sales tax, select the tax band that you want to apply to this product. Tax will be added at the Checkout if you have enabled Tax in Settings → eShop → Sales Tax.

  7. Download

    Use the dropdown to select a previously uploaded file if the product is a digital download. Please note that the dropdown will only appear if you have previously uploaded a file — via eShop — first.

  8. Stock

    If you have enabled Stock Control in Settings → eShop → General, use this field to enter the starting stock for each product option. A quantity MUST be entered for each product option — even downloads.

    eShop will automatically reduce stock levels appropriately with each sale for non-downloadable items. Enter a stock quantity of 1 for downloads as the download stock will not be reduced per sale. Warning: even with Stock Control enabled, it is still possible for 2 customers to try and purchase the last item in stock, For this reason, we recommend that you retain a few items in stock “off the books” to cover these eventualities.

  9. Second Option

    Complete the next line if you have more than one option for a product. REMEMBER — you MUST complete AT LEAST 1 option line for each product.

  10. Shipping Rate

    Select a Shipping Rate for this product. Downloadable products automatically use Rate F (free shipping) — even if you set the shipping rate as something different. This allows you to offer online and offline options for the same product (e.g. book and ebook).

  11. Featured Product

    Check this box if you intend to feature this product elsewhere on your site.

  12. Product in sale

    Check this box if this product is part of a Sale.

  13. Option Sets

    If you have created some option sets in eShop → Options, you can apply these to your product.

  14. Show Options as

    If you have set up, and have ticked, 1 or more option sets for this product, you can choose whether to display the options sets as a dropdown or as individual radio buttons.

  15. Stock Available

    A product will be considered to be unavailable until this is checked — irrespective of the current stock levels entered above. Until this box is checked, the order form will not be displayed & customers will not be able to purchase the product online.

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