Special Pages

Last updated on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Location: Settings → eShop → Special Pages

Continue Shopping Link

If you enter the page id of your main Shop page, then eShop will use that for the Continue Shopping link. Leave this blank and eShop will either link to the last product, or to the main page of your site automatically.

Link to extra pages

An option to add links to Privacy Policy and/or Help pages. The links will be added to the cart/checkout as appropriate . The page id number should be used in each case.

Shipping Rates page

The page id should be available by default.

Automatically created pages

These are automatically generated when eShop is first activated. Changing these could affect how eShop works, but are available for amendment should you delete a page in error. All of these pages require shortcodes to work correctly.

If you need to re-create these Special Pages for any reason, please see Special Page Creation.

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