Shipping Method 3

Last updated on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Calculate a single shipping charge based on delivery zone only. The shipping charge remains the same irrespective of how many items are purchased.

It may help if you complete the fields in the order listed below. See the Configuring Shipping Method 3 screenshot for an example using 2 zones.

  1. Method

    Select Method 3

  2. Ship By

    Choose whether you want to ship your items by Country or by State/County/Province.

  3. Zones

    Choose how many postal zones you want to use. You an create up to 9 separate shipping zones.

  4. Default Zone

    The default zone will be used if the customer enters a Country or (State/County/Province) in the Shipping Address that is not in your configured list of shipping locations. To cover your shipping costs, we recommend using the zone that applies the highest shipping charges.

  5. Update the Shipping Rate Calculations

    The lower half of the updated page will now display the correct shipping table for your chosen shipping method.

  6. Shipping Costs

    Enter the shipping for each of your chosen zones and classes in the new table.

  7. Save Your Settings

    Finally, update the Shipping Rates to save all of your settings.


Cost to ship 1 A class item to Zone 1: £10
Cost to ship 3 A class item to Zone 2: £10
Cost to ship 20 A class item to Zone 2: £10

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