Sales Tax

Last updated on Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Location: Settings → eShop → Sales Tax

When setting up Sales tax, it may help if you complete the fields in the order listed below. See the Sales Tax screenshot for an example using a single tax band across two different zones.

  1. Tax by

    Assuming that you want to apply sales tax based on Shipping Zones, select Yes. if you select No, you will only be able to apply a single sales tax across all zones.

  2. Number of Tax Bands

    Set this to 2 or more if your products need to have different percentage tax applied to them.

  3. Tax shipping

    Should shipping costs be taxed as well?

  4. Default tax

    This only applies to sites offering digital downloads only. A single tax rate will be automatically applied to all downloadable products — irrespective of the zone of the customer.

  5. Local Tax rates

    Set the percentage tax for destinations in your country.

  6. Tax rates for Other Countries

    Set the percentage tax for destinations outside of your country.

  7. Enable Tax

    Activate sales tax on your site. Until this control is set to “Yes”, sales tax will not be applied to any of your products.

  8. Save Changes

    Remember to save your settings when you have finished.

Now, all you have to do is to edit each of your products and select a tax band. Then you should be good to go.

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