eShop Base

Last updated on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Location: Settings → eShop → eShop Base

This section sets up defaults for Google Base.

Anything entered here is applied to all products. You don’t have to enter anything but, the more information you supply, the better. You can override the settings per product via the eShop → Base page.


If you sell one particular brand, name it here.


Choose from one of the options available.

Product expiry in days

Google Base automatically expires products listed after 30 days. Set a different expiry here.

Product type

If you sell one type of product (e.g. bicycles), define it here.

Payment Accepted

A comma-delimited list of payment methods available in addition to Paypal.

Reset eShop Base

This resets all data that has been set using the eShop → Base page.

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