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PunBB Akismet 2.1
Downloaded: 3,003 times
Release for a much modified version of the Akismet extension for PunBB

PunBB BBCode Extended
Downloaded: 3,365 times
Adds spoiler and strikethrough

PunBB eKarma 0.9
Downloaded: 3,278 times
Adds karma for users, including custom karma, based on code by Caleb Champlin

PunBB ePM Alternative
Downloaded: 2,531 times
Creates an anonymous forum mailer - users get sent emails but reply via the forum.

PunBB eSmiley
Downloaded: 2,964 times
Allows you to choose which smiley set to use. Smiley sets are not included.

PunBB eSpam 0.2
Downloaded: 2,438 times
Restrictions for new users and guests. Based on anti-spam by El Bekko.

PunBB Forum Fixes and Images Beta
Downloaded: 3,277 times
Correcting some minor forum code for css, and adding images.

PunBB Gravatar
Downloaded: 2,161 times
Adds a new profile section for users to link to their Gravatar.

PunBB Group Images
Downloaded: 2,554 times
Adds images for user groups based on number of posts.

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