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Access Key Class
Downloaded: 5,543 times
A php Class to add access keys to your site.

Downloaded: 5,818 times
A simple method to output an sql database backup file to your web browser without using PhpMyAdmin

Backup zip
Downloaded: 5,016 times
A simple method for creating zipped database backups for download via ftp

Calender Class
Downloaded: 4,666 times
A simple PHP class which displays an accessible calendar for the month selected and returns the selected date as a Unix timestamp

Date to UTC
Downloaded: 4,487 times
Convert a human readable date and timestamp in the format dd/mm/yyyy into a Unix timestamp and vice versa

Error System
Downloaded: 4,866 times
This set of scriptlets allows you to have both customised Apache error pages and the opportunity to be notified, by email, when an error occurs on your site.

Fake Cron
Downloaded: 5,873 times
A simple method for running .php scripts once per day when you don't have access to cron.

Downloaded: 4,395 times
Convert a GMT date in the format dd/mm/yyyy into a Unix timestamp and vice versa

Downloaded: 7,685 times
Creates an encrypted password suitable for use in an .htpasswd file as part of Apache's password protection

MarkDown Toolbar
Downloaded: 4,307 times
Javascript toolbar for Markdown textarea (Not supported)

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