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Introducing the Victorian House

  • February 28, 2014 3:34 pm

This was my first doll house – bought as a kit about 8 years ago.

It’s a 6 room cottage style house – four main rooms and two attic rooms. I’ve pretty much completed the main rooms. Attic Room 1 (the Sewing & Storage room) still needs to be finished and I’ve recently decided to turn the unfurnished Attic Room 2 into a second bedroom.

Some of the furnishings were bought new. Others were bought on eBay as “used” as I rather like the idea of furniture looking like it’s had a little use. A few bits were even picked up in charity shops.

The stairs & the front door door were built by my clever father whilst the soft furnishings, plants, books, newspapers and food stuffs were all made by me. I also created all of the flooring and tiling.

Victorian House

Victorian House: inside

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