eShop Version 5 coming soon

Posted on Sunday, April 11th, 2010 at 3:17 pm in

The majority of the changes are behind the scenes code upgrades. But there are one or two changes that are noticeable and will affect everyone using the plugin.

Thumbnails – I have now moved over to use the new native WordPress function for storing these. They are now settable on a post/page basis on the edit screen.

New shortcode, and widget functionality. This may affect everyone using widgets, and is likely to cause issues – so ensure you go and check if you are using them! The new shortcode (and in the product listing widget) is for listing by categories and tags!

Plus many little bug fixes.

However many many things could not be added for this version – and have been dropped to a will consider list. But this does mean that the To Do list is now clear!

I’m in the final stages for this version now, and am about to start testing, so hopefully it will be released within a week – in time for WP3.0.

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