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Posted on Friday, October 31st, 2008 at 9:40 am in

[Update 22nd December 2008 – see eShop 2.12.4]

A question that seems to be cropping up more frequently as time goes on. Here are a few instructions to help out and to overcome the file upload limit.

The File Upload Limit is set by your hosting company not by eShop. So how would you upload a 100Mb file for sale through eShop when your limit is 2Mb?

For this scenario I’ll use as the test file that is 100Mb.

  1. Create another blank file, but with the same name
  2. Upload this blank file via the downloads section of eShop
  3. Using your FTP program navigate to YOUR_ROOT_PATH/wp-content/eshop_downloads/
  4. Overwrite the blank file with the larger
  5. and that’s it!

After WordPress 2.7 has been released I will be looking at alternative means for this, but for now the procedure above is the only method by which large files can be used within eShop.

Downloading of large files shouldn’t be a problem, and has been tested by files in excess of 100Mb.

[Update 22nd December 2008 – see eShop 2.12.4]

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