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  • Create different subscription forms
  • Store email addresses in MySQL or flat file
  • Use php mail, sendmail, or smtp to send out the newsletters
  • Batch sending of newsletters to stop possible misuse of the script
  • Text only
  • Add an attachment to a newsletter
  • Save a copy of the newsletter onto the site for viewing
  • Verify of subscription by subscribers
  • and more…


  • Tested on a server with PHP4
  • MySQL is not required but can be used if available.


Currently the package has to be installed off the root of your web space, in a directory called mailer. After you have uploaded all the files, point your web browser at

The rest of the procedure should be straight forward by following the directions given.


I have not tested this version, but it was sent to me by Roland Quintin, there are numerous changes, not the least is the inclusion of a French language pack.

Download Simple PHP Newsletter

Warning: it has been found that this version has a serious error, in that globals.php cannot be found. We will try our best to hunt down the offending scripts and update them as soon as we can.


These scripts are no longer supported.

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