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Posted on Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 at 10:18 am in

Simple Event Manager (SEM) is an open source event publishing and management system based on SAXON… but with a twist.

One of the perennial problems of publishing detail of events on a web site is remembering to remove out-dated events on a regular basis. Nothing makes a site look more uncared for than a year old event!

SEM solves this problem by only listing current, or future dated, events so that your site visitors always see an up-to-date page. All a webmaster has to do is pop in every now and then and clear out old material.

SEM also publishes on-demand RSS and Atom news feeds of your event listings to maximise event promotion.


  • Run multiple instances of SEM from the one database
  • Multiple users allowed – each with their own username and password and, potentially, their own events page.
  • Add, edit or delete news items
  • Manage users
    • Two levels of users: Standard and Admins
    • Add or delete users
    • Amend an user’s status
    • Protected default Admin – cannot be deleted or downgraded.
    • Change user passwords
  • Configurable templates to define how you want your events displayed
  • Display event listings anywhere on your site
  • Optional display of events on a ‘per user’ basis
  • Optional web calendar


  • PHP 4.x
  • MYSQL 3 or higher
  • Some CSS/HTML/XHTML knowledge if you want to create your own news template or re-style the interface.



Available via the forum.


  • Sample events list

    Sample events list

  • Edit display template

    Edit display template

  • Add an event

    Add an event

  • Accessible web calendar

    Accessible web calendar

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